Robertson-Morrison Supports the Treeline with a Trailblazer Sponsorship

Robertson-Morrison Supports the Treeline with a Trailblazer Sponsorship

Robertson-Morrison current owner Brent Johnson and his wife Eileen, who serves as marketing director.

From the start, Robertson Morrison has been about keeping home safe and comfortable for families. That’s at the heart of why they support the Treeline.

Robertson Morrison started doing business as a residential heating company in Ann Arbor in 1961. Since then they have grown into a multi-division HVAC company serving across the state.

But, says owner Brent Johnson, Ann Arbor remains their core market. Sustaining its uniqueness and strengthening it as a great place for family life are primary values.

Brent bought the company from his father, Frank, who started working for the founders just out of grad school. Now the father of young children himself, Brent sees the Treeline as a way for his family to enjoy the outdoors safely. “I grew up here, went to college here, and did a lot of bike riding here,” he says. “I rode on 2-lane roads as a 6-year-old—not the safest thing. Ann Arbor has been ahead of its time since then, but I’m especially looking forward to having the Treeline. A safe, dedicated space where kids can learn to ride without being confined to the driveway and actually go somewhere. Getting to green spaces and downtown—they’ll love it.”

Carbon emission reduction is also a goal Robertson Morrison shares with the Treeline. “The biggest energy-user in a home is HVAC. We’re striving to be leaders in energy efficiency and practical ways to control the indoor environment. Supporting the nonmotorized Treeline trail is another way we can set an example for the community—and our own families.”

You can read more about Robertson Morrison’s history of service here. The Treeline is grateful to Brent and Robertson Morrison for their support of the trail and of the Ann Arbor community.